AI offers several AI-focused courses and webinars that could help you become a better developer by leveraging the latest AI technologies. Here’s a summary of what they offer:

  1. AI and Angular Framework Course: This 20-hour course, priced from 500€, aims to master advanced techniques in web development by combining AI intelligence with Angular framework features. It covers creating dynamic and interactive websites and requires basic programming knowledge, web development basics, and familiarity with Angular and AI concepts (

  2. Mastering the Art of Prompt Engineering in AI: This comprehensive exploration delves into prompt engineering, an essential aspect of AI and machine learning. It highlights the significance, applications, and skills required to excel in this field, emphasizing the design of inputs that guide AI models to generate desired outputs. The role of context in prompt engineering and various applications in software development, content generation, and scientific research are discussed (

  3. Intro to Generative AI: Priced at $56, this course offers a comprehensive understanding of generative AI, covering its definition, types of technologies like GANs and Transformer models, ethical considerations, practical applications in various industries, and future trends. It includes hands-on sessions with generative AI tools, building models, and analyzing AI-generated content (

  4. Learning With AI Webinar Series: This series explores the intersection of AI and professional development, featuring topics such as the impact of generative AI technologies on industries, the future of jobs in coding and illustration, and adapting educational strategies for AI-transformed workplaces. It includes insights from community coders, industry experts, and Code Academy alumni on integrating AI into workflows (

These courses and webinars can significantly enhance your understanding and application of AI in development, preparing you for the evolving tech landscape.

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